10 Ways to Upgrade your Outfit in under 10 Minutes


093b2289a6069cdebc5e9028009889071. Lipstick: Lipstick instantly upgrades any outfit. A bright pop of pink or red can add colour and interest to an all black or monochrome outfit. A nude will make every ensemble more put together and totally business appropriate. A maroon, purple, black or blue makes every look instantly unique and edgy! Lipstick can totally transform your look in a matter of seconds!2fb6dd02df2fec34279371122357478a

2. Heels: For me, heels are the ultimate pick-me-up! There’s something about the sound of a good pair of heels clacking that totally lifts my mood, and my outfit (literally!). Trust me, heels aren’t just for special occasions or businesswear! A pair of dainty kitten heels with lacy socks and a summer dress for your weekend-wear is oh-so-dreamy! A pair of stilettos makes any pair of ripped jeans instantly chic, add a blazer for extra points. Or for the more bohemian- a pair of gorgeous wedges with a pair of flares or denim shorts can be stunning festival wear 61327fd2568b968ea2785f6f61d6d448(although you may have to pack a pair of flats for all those mosh-pits!).

3. Statement Earrings: Statement earrings are always a good idea! I particularly love this look styled with an off the shoulder blouse and hair in a top-knot, this looks amazing on girls with a round, square or diamond shaped face (like myself!) because it lengthens  the face and makes it look more oval shaped. However, I think that any face-shape can rock statement earrings and they are such an easy fix to a boring outfit.

4. Socks and Hosiery: This is one of my favourite ways to change up an outfit I’ve worn 7a7cf749871991ab2e8edc6522eec9a1too many times before. For example, a basic black shift dress can look totally different when paired with fishnets for an edgy look, knee-high socks for a preppy style, retro lacy socks for a 1950s inspired style or coloured tights for a nod to the sixties. It’s important to remember that wearing mini’s (shorts, skirts, dresses) your legs still play a huge part in the composition of an outfit and adding another element can totally transform a look.

3b9393654220cd5b133169b07d2412e75. Change your Silhouette: When creating outfits, your silhouette is so important and can change the aesthetic of an outfit really quickly. My go-to is adding a belt to cinch in the smallest part of my waist, however, there are so many options. Wearing your belt lower on your waist, closer to your hips lengthens a short torso tremendously and gives a boyish 1920s Silhouette. Tuck your jeans into your boots for a more streamlined look, or if your ensemble is very bottom heavy try adding a scarf or flowy top to balance it out.

6. Add a layer: Adding a layer is the best way to get more wear and unique looks out of f5c6b09c176abc6c73af5f24d485ecdeclothing you already have in your wardrobe (no shopping spree necessary!). Try a white tee underneath a spaghetti strap dress for a boyish 90’s inspired look. Layer a turtleneck over a maxi dress to fake a skirt. Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, try styling pants underneath your dress to look ultra stylish and on trend.7.Hats: Apart from being the perfect solution to bad hair days, hats finish an outfit effortlessly. My personal favourites include a train drivers style hat, for those outfits that exude west-coast California charm. A Parisian Beret for the ultra trendy. A Cap to make every outfit sporty-chic. Or the classic beanie, cute comfortable and always warm!


7. Hats: Apart from being the perfect solution to bad hair days, hats finish an outfit effortlessly. My personal favourites include a train drivers style hat, for those outfits that exude west-coast California charm. A Parisian Beret for the ultra trendy. A Cap to make every outfit sporty-chic. Or the classic beanie, cute comfortable and always warm!

8. Statement Bag: I am definitely a bag girl! I have an 74a5f9587903dcac1a23db74917ce505insane collection, and I love to swap up my look with different coloured bags! If you usually stick to one basic bag for all your outfits I would suggest buying some fun trend-pieces and experimenting with your look! These definitely don’t need to be a designer, purchasing a few items from a fast fashion store like H&M or an Op-Shop for cheap can add a trendy edge to an over-worn look.


a37bb404d3d5010e156168971f3633f39. Hair: Contrary to popular belief, I believe that styling your hair differently completes every outfit and can totally change the way they look. A messy beachy style can make your business-wear casual chic, or a sleek bun can add a classy touch to a bohemian outfit.

10.Eye-wear: The perfect finishing touch to every look is 6fe340d090bddd209b5db77235a940e5eyewear! Get creative with your sunnies! I like to experiment with different styles and colours to complete different looks! If I’m channelling a 1970s rocker-chic style a pair of oversized sunnies with a gradient lens would totally finish the look! If I were going for a preppy aesthetic, on the other hand, a pair of round hipster glasses would accent the ensemble perfectly!

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed and let me know which tip is your favourite! Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration on ways to upgrade your outfit!

– xo Rhi


Review: The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

I’m going to be honest. I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks. Products i’ve tried before have dried my lips out, been tacky, patchy and have separated once i’ve put on a gloss (how dare they!). However, I am a HUGE fan of ‘The Balm’ products. I use their pallettes every-day and they are such fantastic quality, so I was really excited to get my hands on these!


I have to admit, these products totally changed my mind. The colours are so beautiful, rich and opaque and they glide on perfectly. I loved every single colour, they really worked for my skin tone. The only colour I didn’t love was the peachy tone called ‘Doting’, but I think that was just a personal preference, to not liking peachy colours on myself.


The lipsticks have a minty scent that I love, and after testing the shade Committed, it stayed on all day, I only had to apply after eating food in the evening. It’s official, Meet Matte Hughes has officially changed me! I am a reformed liquid lipstick lover! Let me know your favourite shade in the coments below!

– xo Rhi

Feeling good in your own Skin

I’m not going to lie. I don’t feel amazing in my own skin every-day. Somedays I can spend the day obsessing over things that I feel like are flaws, only to realise what a waste of time it was. Here are some exercises I like to do when i’m having a tough day.

Be your own Best Friend: Imagine yourself as your best friend, the things you are saying about yourself you would never ever notice, care or say to them! Think about if your best friend were having a hard day and feeling down on themselves, what would you say or do to cheer them up?

Remember Inner Beauty: Think about aspects of yourself you love, it might be your creativity, your kindness, your ambition – it can even be as little as your ability to always say ‘thank-you’ to your bus driver, or a project you were really proud of. Take a moment to remember your best qualities, things you love about yourself on the inside and make a list of them. Why do your friends and family love you? Are you totally free-spirited and fun? Always making people laugh? You could be totally analytical, always there to help people make the most logical decision. Maybe you are super empathetic and emotionally intelligent or maybe you’re the best at buying gifts!

Compliment Case: Whenever I get a compliment from others, I like to write it down so that I have a list to refer back to if I’m ever feeling down. I know this may seem a little vain but it really works for me, and never fails to make me feel more secure and happy in my own skin. It can be something a stranger said whilst you were walking down the street or something your best friend or boyfriend told you.

Wear something that has Happy Memories Attached: It could be the dress that you went on your first date with your S/O in, your mum’s retro earrings, the power-suit you were wearing when you got that promotion, the necklace you bought on vacation or even the perfect stilettos you always feel super sexy in. These pieces hold so much sentimental value and significance to me, that it is impossible to stay down whilst I’m wearing them!

Stop Comparing: For me at least, so much of my insecurity comes from looking at other women, comparing their success, their beauty their possessions and their happiness to my own. I often find myself saying; ‘She’s so much prettier than me.’ or ‘I wish I looked like her.’ These words are so toxic and we should avoid them at all costs. A quote I like to remember when I’m feeling like this is; “Another women’s beauty is not the absence of your own beauty.”

Thank you so much for reading! I hope these tips and tricks have helped you out, in one way or another! I found the cover image on We Heart It, however, I couldn’t find the original artist! If anyone knows who they are please let me know so I can credit them!

xo Rhi

Favourite Outfit Formulas

For me, having a formula makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. It makes foolproof outfits everytime. These are my favourites!

Skater Skirt + Tee-Shirt + Flats:

This is easily my most worn outfit formula. It is super simple and I can achieve so many different looks by swapping pieces out. This look can easily be transported into winter wear by adding some tights, a beanie or beret and some warm outerwear.


Jeans + Wrap Around Top + Heels:

This outfit always makes me feel really confident, I love the way it hugs my body and fits my curves. I heavily accessorise these looks with jewellery, hats and always a belt (to accent the waist!) because the wrap top and jeans can look quite plain alone.



Straight Skirt + Long Sleeve Top + Flats/Boots:

I have been wearing this combo more and more this winter thanks to my new groovy gingham skirt! I think this look would work on every silhouette, and its perfect for winter.


3 Quater Length Top + Flare Skirt + Flats:

Similar to my the first, this is another favourite. I love a flared skirt, especially on days I’m feeling bloated because it tucks in at the waist, and flares out around the hips and stomach.



Graphic Tee + Skater Skirt/Shorts + Sneakers:

I thought this outfit, although not worn as often deserves an honourable mention! I only have one pair of denim shorts, and I rarely wear them so I thought I would include them in this post too!


Thanks for reading!
xo – Rhi

My Top 10 Films for Fashion Inspo

When i’m feeling stumped, I look to film and television to give me inspiration! Here’s my top 10 picks, I hope they inspire you as much as they do me!

xo Rhi

10. Life-Size, 2000

What to look out for? These looks are colourful, coordinated and oh-so put together!


9.  Grease

What to look out for? Bright colours, feminine silhouettes and the OG bad-girl vibes of the pink ladies.


8. Heathers

What to look out for? Colour coordinated girl-gangs, shoulder-pads and a gorgeous 80’s aesthetic.


7. The Devil Wears Prada

What to look out for? Emily’s chic and original style that pioneered a fashion movement.


6. Marie Antionette

What to look out for? Pastel colours, cinched waists and the almighty ‘shoe’ scene.


5.  The Sound of Music

What to look out for? 1940’s Glam and all the matching-outfit goals!


4. Legally Blonde

What to look out for? Ultra girly, ultra pink early 200’s aesthetic.


3. Daisies

What to look out for? Ethereal, Alternative Mod looks straight from the 1960s!

2.  Almost Famous

What to look out for? Rock ‘n’ roll inspired outfits and Kate Hudson’s ‘just woke up’ curls!


1.  Clueless

What to look out for? As far as fashion inspiration goes, you can’t go past clueless! Make sure to look out for the preppy-two piece suits!


Ballerina Babe : OOTD #3

Earmuffs (H&M here!) / Pink Wrap Around Top (similar here!) / Black Skater Skirt (H&M here!) Nude Heels (Target, similar here!), Layered Body-Con (Supre, here!)

This look was a little Ballerina inspired! I am a huge fan of wrap-around tops and the pale pink style of this one from Valleygirl paired well with my classic black Skater skirt from H & M! I paired it with these super adorable earmuffs, also from H & M!

Also, here’s a tip for curvy girls – I like to wear a thin, spaghetti strap bodycon underneath outfits that are either very short or very low cut. I personally think having it peek out the top is very cute and the colour matches the skirt! It means that if my skirt is a bit short, or I don’t want to show too much cleavage, it gives me a little more protection and coverage. I bought mine from Supre, and I try to go for a length that is hidden underneath when I walk. Just make sure it’s a thin, stretchy fabric that clings to your body so you don’t see any folds or creases in the material.

See you soon!

– Xo Rhi

All things that glitter and shine!

This month I decided to try out four different highlighters, here are the restults and my review!


MAC Soft and Gentle:

20314515_10203264004758816_1486654147_oSo many of my favorite beauty bloggers use this highlighter as their holy-grail, so I had to try it! My first impression was that it was a lot darker than I previously anticipated, with a lot of peachy tones (which, to be fair they did specify on the website). When I held it up to my face it actually looked darker than my skin, and I was thinking maybe I could use it as a bronzer. However when I applied it, the peachy tones really complimented my cool toned skin and surprisingly I really liked the bronze finish it left.

I think that this color would work really well on a whole range of skin-tones, and if you have cool toned skin like me – don’t let the colour deter you! It comes off way sheerer than expected. I really like the formula also.

I would purchase this again, as it works really well for me for an every-day highlight, and matches most of my make-up looks consistently. The only thing that would deter me is the price point. As someone who uses highlighter on an every-day basis, I go through it really quickly. As a student on a major budget, $48 is a bit too much for me to be buying regularly.

Kat Von Dee Alchemist :


Okay, so I had been admiring this pallette for a long time. I had spent days at Sephora lusting, swatching and wishing it were mine. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t justify spending $50 on those tiny, tiny little pans! No matter how great the duo-chrome was. That was until one day my boyfriend purchased it for me as a gift (best news ever?!).

So when I finally applied it on my face, I was not disappointed. This is a beautiful highlight, especially if your partial to all things holographic! The colors all worked really well on my cool toned skin, I think that they would work well on very dark skin, or tan skin if they had cooler toned makeup on to match!

For me personally, I do tend to go for crazier looks, so I am able to get quite a lot of wear out of the shades in this pallete, my favorite is the Pink Opal colour. The only issue for me is that usually I go for more warm toned looks, and I don’t like the way the colors clash if I have a neutral brown eye shadow look. I am also very hesitant with the price and the size of the pans, although they are VERY pigmented, I am super cautious about not using too much.

Elf Illumination Pallette:

20292111_10203264013319030_986034411_nLets get one thing straight. I love Elf. I love the price, I love that I can get it from K-Mart, I love their foundation and brow kits, but this palette let me down 100%. The colors were really pretty, I loved the warm orange and pink toned highlighters, but when I tried them on my face, literally nothing came up.  I had to go in VERY heavy handed-ly to get any form of glow, and when I built it up it became very chalky, powdery and almost matte!

So, the moral of the story is, even though this was a great price, it was not worth the time and effort I spent trying to build up a crazy glow!

Sleek Highlighting Pallette Cleo’s Kiss:

20289582_10203264010878969_1529590378_nThis is the MVP. It was affordable, very build able, beautiful packaging and a wicked glow. This pallette only cost $22 from Target and is definitely my favourite. Personally, I only liked one colour out of the four to use as highlighter because my skin is so cool toned, but the others made great eye shadows. I think that all of these colours would look beautiful on with yellow toned, dark or tan skin. I use this highlighter almost every-day and I love the formula, the glow and the price!



Thanks for reading! Best of luck with your glow!

– xo Rhi

Baby Blue – OOTD #2

Beret (borrowed from my mum! Similar here!) / White Turtleneck (borrowed from my sister, similar here!) / Blue Gingham Tommy Hilfiger Skirt (bought second hand from Salvos, similar here!).

Okay, so the real reason I reached for this look? I had been wearing mini-skirts, strappy tops and heels my entire holiday! In winter! I was in a state of denial, wearing the clothes I love even though I was freezing! Anyway, after one storm, many freezing public transport rides and getting caught in the rain in sandals, I knew it was time to put away the sun-dresses. So here it is, my kind of winter outfit; beret, turtleneck, a-line skirt with tights underneath, and of course some warm boots (which were unfortunately cut off! sorry!)

Stay warm this winter!

– xo Rhi

Your Personal Colouring Cheat Sheet

Let’s get one thing straight, working out your colouring is hard. I remember looking at quizzes in my Dolly Magazine checking my vein in the light to see if it was green or blue and getting very confused. I’ve personally chosen to dismiss the whole ‘seasons’ philosophy, but there’s a lot of good information out there if it’s something you’re interested in! Here’s what I do to determine which colours look the best on me!

If you’re warm-toned you:

  • Have yellow toned skin: You typically wear yellowish foundation and tan or freckle in the sun.
  • Look great in gold or bronze jewelry,
  • Have brown or yellow flecks in your eyes,
  • Have warm golden or red undertoned hair in the sun.

Some celebrities who are warm-toned include: Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Chloe Grace Mortez.

Warm toned cel

The colours that look the best on you include:

seafoam (1)

If your cool toned you have:

  • Have pink or red toned skin: You typically wear pinkish foundation and burn in the sun!
  • Look great in silver jewelry,
  • Have grey or blue flecks in your eyes,
  • Have ashy, silver or violet undertones in the sun.

Some celebrities who are cool-toned include:

Warm toned cel

The colours that look the best on you include:


I hope this helps with your personal colouring journey!

– xo Rhi